Dublin Gliding Club received a request from Barretstown to participate during their 25th Anniversary event on Sunday 7th July 2019 which of course we were happy to do. PJ Moran and many members organised a display of our club Astir to be available for all to get up close to and have pictures taken while sitting into the cockpit.

We operated for six hour during which the cockpit was visited by a constant stream of children and a few adults. Estimated on a three minute turnaround we must have processed 120+ visitors through the cockpit.

Feargus enthralled the children with stories of the time he had a 20 second flight, Colin Hadden was recruiting officer, Ron and Breno were hooking on and releasing all day, Colin King and PJ managed radio comms with the air support … non-stop from 11am – 5pm … a great occasion for Barretstown. Thanks to all who made it possible on the day and who helped get the Astir back to her former glory! We had kids sliding down the fuselage, jumping on the wings and swinging out of the tail-plane – but no bother to her. Nick had the lunch vouchers and kept us fed during the day . Well done everyone.