Sunday was a beautiful day with brilliant sunshine and a promise of a very busy launch point. A promise which came true.

A BBQ was organised by PJ for the close of flying. There were rumours of several 50km tasks which turned out to be just that, rumours, as the day did not develop into a cross country soaring day.
However, Ron would argue that he had the best flight of the day and only brought the Pegase back for someone else to have a go. Ron had the longest flight of the day.

During the day PJ had a couple of cross field landings to complete his cross-country endorsement and new rumours started that PJ organised the BBQ as a celebration!! Not true of course, but a celebration, nonetheless.

After hanger packing the BBQ was fired up and Peter took on head chef duties. A big thanks to all the members who unpacked the hanger, ran the launch point and finally packed up at the end of the day. Here are a few pictures of the BBQ.